Cutting Tree Roots- Step by Step Guide

tree-trunk-569275_640Who would have thought cutting the roots of a tree can be a tricky thing to do. With one wrong move, you can cause problems for the whole growth cycle of the tree. According to Treesurgical, to prevent any permanent damage, you must be aware of a couple of things. Roots are mainly of two types; the small thin ones moving up the tree called the feeder roots and the stronger roots that help the tree stand firm are referred to as the structural roots. The more you play with the roots, the more the tree becomes impaired. Roots and their cutting are crucial and vital. As a layman, you and most people have little to no information about the things we need to know before getting our hands dirty. So, now you pretty much understand as tricky as it can be, vital information provided below is going to help you a lot. For more information on root types, go to this article.

Examine Carefully

The first step in every tree pruning, cutting or root management is to have a keen eye. Carefully look for the right place and pick the right moment to do the task. Small roots are better to remove and don’t cause any harm to the tree. However, the larger ones if removed without any care would damage the whole tree.

Perfect Spot

Trees look very tough on the outside, although they are sensitive, and things can go wrong at any point in time. Some experts say that take the diameter of the tree, multiply with 6 or 8 and then measure up the total and you will get the exact place for cutting the root.

Mark with chock

Don’t be hasty at this step and patiently mark the root and make sure you have full control of the situation. Keep your equipment with you for measuring and marking.

Dig & Dig

Soil is surrounding the roots, and you need to get it off before you get ready to use your root saw. Dig below and surrounding areas of the tree’s root.

Saw at the Mark

You now know where and how you have to saw the root. Be careful and do the task with people around, in case you need help. The mark will help you do a good clear cut.

Pull the Root

Last but not the least, you are all done just remove the roots from the ground carefully, and if you have dug up before, this step is going to be way easier.